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Management Philosophy / Management Policy

Since its establishment in 1919, KROSAKI HARIMA has played a vital role supporting Japan’s core industries, especially the iron and steel industry through manufacturing and sales of refractories under the corporate motto, “better, faster, and less expensive.”
We also have operations in the fine ceramics business based on our material technology developed from refractories and life space ceramics business which aims to offer comfortable and beautiful life spaces, thus pursuing the various potentials of ceramics.
Krosaki Harima will continue to challenge itself with its 100th anniversary coming up.
To fulfill our social responsibility as declared in the mission statement, we launched an internal control system in 2005.

OUR Mission

OUR Mission

KROSAKI HARIMA Group is committed to playing an important role in global industrial development, and to making contributions to the prosperity of society by providing high-value products and technology for the ceramics industry worldwide through continuous innovation.


Provide No. 1 Value to Customers Worldwide

Employee Policy

  • ・Dedicated employees with independent thinking
  • ・Corporate culture where individuality is encouraged
  • ・Work environment where technology is realized
  • ・Management that encourages a challenging spirit

Management Policy

We aim to be a trusted enterprise by providing the best quality as well as the most reliable products to our customers.
We respect the humanity of each employee, and offer opportunities for self-growth and realization.
We pursue the way of coexistence and co-prosperity by sharing strategies with our partner enterprises.
We obey the law as a sensible enterprise member of society, and we meet the challenge of dealing with global environmental problems.
We make every effort to increase shareholders’ profit by persuing all activities which will maximize the business value.

President's Declaration at the launch of the Internal Control System

Since its establishment in 1919, KROSAKI HARIMA has played a vital role in supporting Japan’s core industries, especially the iron and steel industry, through various changes in the management environment.
To show such presence and value as an enterprise at home and abroad, we formulated a “Mission Statement” which serves as the direction of the enterprise activities of the entire group. In the statement, we clearly referred to our social responsibility, which is to be fulfilled as the management policy of the group.
In order to meet the recent social demand for sounder business operations, the group will launch an internal control system headed by the president. I hereby declare that we will run the system effectively in order to conduct proper, legitimate and efficient operations and continue to be a corporation which fulfills its social responsibility.
With this declaration, the top management will further promote business ethics. If any situation against the spirit of the “Mission Statement” occurs, I myself will work to solve the problem, to quickly and accurately disclose information to society, and to ensure accountability, and upon determining the source of competence and responsibility,impose strict disciplinary action against those held responsible,including top management itself.
I sincerely hope that every employee will practice the “Mission Statement.”

October 1, 2005

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