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Refractories business


  Blast furnace taphole bricks
  Blast furnace tuyere bricks
  Blast furnace taphole bricks clay
  Blast furnace trough and runner materials
  Preassembling of hot stove bricks & furnace construction

 Flame gunning repair for coke oven

  Oxygen converter taphole sleeves
  Oxygen converter bottom tuyeres
  Refractories for RH degasser upper vessel
  Refractories for RH degasser lower vessel
  RH snorkel refractories
  Steel ladle monolithic linings
  Steel ladle brick linings
  Ladle gas injection plugs
(Ladle porous plugs)
  Flow control of molten steel(Ladle & tundish slide gate system)
  Engineering of flow control system
  Ladle & tundish slide gate refractories
  AG (Alumina-Graphite) tube refractories for continuous-casting processes
  AL series ladle slide gate system
  UQC (Ultimate Quick Changer) series tundish tube changer with tundish slide gate
  Equipment to install monolithic refractories
  Monolithic refractories for furnace repair

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