Chemically Stable Inorganic Materials,Highly Resistant to Heat

Permanently KROSAKI HARIMA persists in developing and manufacturing refractories adding further possibility to them.

Numerous materials are found around us like cars, electrical appliances, concrete and glass. Refractories being manufactured by Krosaki Harima Corporation are indispensable to produce them.
As the comprehensive refractory supplier which supports progress of iron and steel industry the corporation has been leading refractory industry since its establishment in 1919. Striving for research and development and also improving its production technology the corporation is continuously devoting itself through supplying refractories to prosperity of various thermal industries like iron and steel, cement, nonferrous metals, glass and others.
Encompassing the products from the fundamental structural refractories up to the functional ones like continuous casting refractories the corporation is developing and manufacturing various products with the keyword of "excellent and stable quality" fulfilling the latest requirement from clients. The challenge is surely endless for the corporation in the future.

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