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As a comprehensive refractory supplier which supports progress in the iron and steel industry, the corporation has been a leader in the refractory industry since its establishment in 1919. Striving for research and development and also improving its production technology, the corporation is continuously devoting itself through supplying refractories to the prosperity of various thermal industries like iron and steel, cement, nonferrous metals, glass and others.
Characteristics such as the shape and characteristics required for refractories used in the iron-making process differ depending on the facility. Details including the characteristics of the refractories used in each facility can be viewed by choosing from the following.

Iron Making

Blast furnace Pig iron is made by reducing and melting iron ore with coke and limestoneBlast furnace refractories
Hot stove A heat storage type of heat exchanging furnace to produce the hot blast blown through tuyeres into the blast furnaceHot stove refractories
Coke oven To produce coke for charging the blast furnaceCoke oven refractories


Torpedo ladle To transport the molten metal tapped from the blast furnace to the steelmaking plantTorpedo ladle refractories

Steel making

Converter To convert molten metal from the blast furnace to molten steel by means of oxygen blowingConverter refractories
Electric arc furnace To produce molten metal by melting iron/steel scrap which is the main material
Electric arc furnace refractories
Secondary refining To remove impurities from molten steel and add component elementsSecondary refining refractories
Steel ladle A container to transfer molten steel tapped from the converter or the electric arc furnace to the casting shop, reserving it during castingSteel ladle refractories
Continuous casting To make billets of a given shape as a step in the process before the molten iron has hardenedContinuous casting refractories


Reheating furnace To heat a billet of a given shape in order to shape it to a specified form

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