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Equipment to install monolithic refractories

Equipment to install monolithic refractories

As an engineering business, Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies the equipment and technology to install monolithic refractories. Based on the experience and know-how accumulated through years in the refractory business, peripheral devices of the business are also designed, manufactured, and supplied, including installation work.
The latest equipment and technology developed with the particular technology of the corporation have been supplied to the steel industry, such as gunning repair devices, castable refractory installing devices, flame gunning devices and others.

~Here are several examples of the equipment, which assists in installing refractories in processes ranging from iron making through steel making and up to continuous casting.~

Several examples of the equipment

Brand name Application Image
TUNGUN Automatic gunning on tundishes TUNGUN
SHOOTER Gunning repair for electric arc furnaces SHOOTER
Gunning repair for converters シューター
LADGUN Gunning repair for steel ladles LADGUN
N-CAST Machine Casting installation for inner lining of steel ladles N-CAST
BK GUN Wet gunning repair BK GUN
LAVA FLAME Flame gunning repair for coke ovens LAVA FLAME
HOT EYE Handy TV camera for monitoring in hot environments HOT EYE
VERTICAL GUN Gunning repair for RH degasser snorkels VERTICAL GUN

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