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Monolithic refractories for furnace repair

Monolithic refractories for furnace repair

Monolithic repair material is roughly classified into 4 types. Of these, Krosaki Harima is earnestly promoting technical development related to wet gunning, which is highly rated by our customers.

1.Wet gunning materials

Advantages of wet gunning

・Possible to install the castables without using a form
・Possible to obtain high density which is equivalent to lower
 cement castable
・Possible to install with no dust emission
・Possible to install rapidly
・Possible to install in hot conditions
・Possible to install at height
・Possible to install in any thickness

Major applications

・Blast furnace trough
・Torpedo ladle
・Steel ladle

2.Dry gunning materials

Advantages of dry gunning

・Possible to install over a wide temperature range from normal up to high temperature
・Possible to obtain high adhesion rates and high adhesion strength using bond-type materials in conjunction with the application

Major applications

・Blast furnace
・Electric arc furnace
・RH degasser
・DH degasser
・Steel ladle

3.Ramming materials

As the ramming material for electric arc furnace bottoms, several materials are available, such as MgO, MgO-CaO or MgO-CaO-Fe2O3, and also Al2O3-MgO materials especially for ramming in inductor furnaces.

4.Hot casting materials for converter

Quick hardening type hot casting materials, which are thrown into the converter, are available for repairing the bottom, belly and taphole peripheral portions of the converter.

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