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Blast furnace taphole bricks

For iron taphole bricks, many characteristics are requested, including resistance against slag attack, molten iron attack, alkaline, thermal spalling, and oxidation, and also adhesion with taphole clay. The bricks are also requested to be as large as possible for structural stability and to prevent gas leakage.

Recommending optimum taphole bricks based on each client's needs and our experience

Supplying the taphole bricks to domestic and overseas clients, Krosaki Harima Corporation has been accumulating a great deal of experience and knowledge.
We offer a wide range of products as follows:
○High alumina bricks of the ALM-SC series with excellent resistance to
 molten iron attack and oxidation
○Silicon carbide bricks of the CRD-BFS series with excellent
 alkali resistance
○Al2O3-C-SiC bricks of the CRD-BFT series with excellent slag
 resistance The corporation recommends to each client the best
 taphole bricks with optimized combination of the latest materials.

Careful preassembly inspection before shipping

Before shipping the bricks are carefully preassembled to allow precise and quick installation at site.

Section of blast furnace taphole

Section of blast furnace taphole

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