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Coke oven refractories

Classified in various types, the coke oven is a large furnace in which the coke, an indispensable raw material for iron making, is produced. Generally the lower portion of the furnace is a regenerator and the upper portion is partitioned vertically into many coking chambers and combustion chambers arranged alternately. Coal charged into the coking chamber is heated by two hot side walls partitioning the adjacent combustion chamber of 1100 – 1350℃, and is then carbonized at approximate 1000℃.

High refractoriness under load and reliable volumetric stability at high temperatures

Silica bricks, which show sufficiently high refractoriness under load and reliable volumetric stability, are recommended for the bricks to construct both chambers.

The requirement of coke oven refractory bricks are

*Excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures, e.g. hot modulus
 of rupture
*Excellent volumetric stability

Coke ovens are normally operated for long periods like 30 - 40 years continuously, so excellent quality, accurate shapes and precise dimensions are strictly requested for the refractories applied to them. Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies excellent, reliable silica bricks fulfilling these requirements to our client's satisfaction.

Development of silica bricks of the USPD series with high thermal conductivity

Further pursuing energy saving and increasing productivity, the corporation has developed and currently supplies silica bricks of the USPD series, which have higher density and, therefore, higher thermal conductivity due to lower porosity, obtaining favorable comments from many clients. Various repair bricks are also available, like the silica bricks of the GR60 and NSS series, which are applicable to hot repair, the coking chamber door material of the KDR-B series, which contains vitreous material to coat the door surface effectively controlling the adhesion of tar or carbon on the door, the ascension pipe bricks of the KRD-J series, and others.

Unique flame gunning repair technology realizes longer life in coke ovens

For continuous and stable operation of coke ovens during years of service, periodic wall repair is indispensable. The corporation supplies special Flame Gunning Repair service for coke ovens.

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