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Oxygen converter refractories for basic oxygen steelmaking processes

Required characteristics greatly differ depending on the section

Converters are important furnaces in which the molten iron tapped and transferred from a blast furnace is converted to steel by means of oxygen blowing. The requirement of converter refractories are different for each furnace section: furnace bottom, tapping side wall, charging side wall, trunnion side wall, etc. Damage of converter refractories is greatly influenced by their respective operational conditions like blow-end temperature, blowing time, and so on.


*Thermal spalling resistance
*Corrosion resistance
*Abrasion resistance
*Oxidation resistance
*Hot modulus of rupture

Proposing optimum lining plan

Therefore the improvement of brick lining structures or brick shapes can often be effective in overcoming the issues described below.
*Bricks falling out from the conical lining zone
*Bricks protruding and cracking at furnace bottom
*Damage of bottom tuyere peripheral bricks caused by transient
 temperature changes

Especially for taphole sleeve and furnace bottom tuyeres, Krosaki Harima Corporation continues its unrelenting efforts at improvement in consideration of their significant roles in converter refractories.

Krosaki Harima Corporation determines the requirements of converter refractories based on its own experience and knowledge accumulated through numerous field performances and also on temperature distributions obtained by means of FEM analysis. Then, according to the requirements, the optimal materials are selected, the furnace brick structure are designed and the best lining is offered to the client to realize stable and efficient converter operation.

Midterm repair

The corporation additionally proposes the hot casting materials, gunning repair materials and also gunning repair machines to improve the campaign life of the converter linings and to establish a stable schedule of furnace relining.

Oxygen converter

Oxygen converter

Image of Oxygen converter

Image of Oxygen converter

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