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Oxygen converter taphole sleeves

High mechanical strength and excellent abrasion resistance

Krosaki Harima Corporation manufactures converter taphole sleeves with no joints by shaping with an isostatic press (CIP). The products are supplied to many domestic and also overseas clients and have received favorable comments. As for the product size, the maximum dimension available is 2250mm in length and 600mm in diameter.
For long and reliable durability of the taphole sleeves, excellent abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, and optimal shape are required. Engineers of the corporation consider these factors carefully in designing and manufacturing the sleeves, taking account of converter operational parameters like campaign life, tapping time, tapping temperature, and the oxygen content in the steel at blow-end.


Back:L=1800mm、O.D.=340mm、I.D.=200mm Fore:L=1300mm、O.D.=270mm、I.D.=160mm

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