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Electric arc furnace refractories

Electric arc furnace operation continues remarkable progress

Electric arc furnaces are used for melting steel scrap to produce molten metal. Recently the furnace operation is changing significantly, and subsequently the manners and conditions in which the refractory materials are employed have changed widely. In particular, the introduction of EBT, DC operations and the consequent expansion of water-cooled panels have greatly influenced furnace lining design.

In response to more severe operational conditions

Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies all sorts of electric arc furnace refractories to domestic and also overseas clients obtaining their favorable comments.

Example of electric arc furnace refractories

*Various super-duty MgO-C bricks
*Various super-duty monolithics
*Super-duty monolithic blocks (applied to the roof lining around
 electrodes where water-cooled panels are introduced)

On your inquiry, our experienced engineers respond immediately to any questions or requests.

New technological developments such as bricks for DC furnaces and gas injection plugs

Currently all sorts of DC furnace brick are available. Above all the large solid bricks for Billet Anode type furnaces, which are manufactured through the process of firing, impregnating and coking, are obtaining favorable comments from many clients. In addition, molten steel stirring by a gas injection plug installed at the furnace bottom is substantially advantageous in improving productivity.

Midterm repair

Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies not only the furnace lining materials but also various repair materials and repair machines to achieve the optimal furnace repair matching the damage condition.
All through its technological accomplishment as exemplified above, Krosaki Harima Corporation has been working hard towards our clients’ increased productivity and lower specific consumption of refractories.

Explanation of Taphole

Krosaki Harima’s EBT taphole bricks are one of our highly-rated products. The tube portion is made from high corrosion-resistant MgO-C bricks and the terminal portion from high oxidation-resistant Al203-SiC-C bricks. For the tube portion, a divided type and an integral type are available. The terminal portion, where oxidation resistance is secured at low temperatures by means of a special additive, features work reduction by preventing scull sticking at the top surface, and reduction of the turbulent flow of molten steel by preventing fusing damage of the wrapper.

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