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Secondary refining furnace refractories
(RH degasser refractories)

RH degassers are the most common among various secondary-refining furnaces due to their high refining efficiency and high productivity. Refractories for RH degassers are introduced here.

Requirements for RH degasser refractories are different for each of its three furnace sections: upper vessel, lower vessel, and snorkels. In addition, each portion requires well-balanced durability for efficient furnace operation.

The largest supplier of RH refractories in Japan

Krosaki Harima Corporation, the largest supplier of RH refractories in Japan, has already designed the inner linings for 58 degassers. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, the corporation always offers not only refractories but also a design service for degasser linings in compliance with each client's operational conditions.

Main applicable materials

*Magnesia-chrome brick (conventional)

▽Gradually increasing to avoid chromium due to environmental considerations

*MTA (MgO-TiO2-Al2O3) brick

*MgO-C brick

Lining design in consideration of well-balanced durability and life expectancy

The corporation also provides a gunning repair service, which is available together with repair materials and machines.

Image of RH degasser

Image of RH degasser

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