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Refractories for RH degasser upper vessel

Refractories with both spalling thermal resistance and corrosion resistance

Upper vessel refractories require both excellent thermal spalling resistance and corrosion resistance due to the reasons described below.

*The upper vessel is exposed to repetitive heating and cooling every time
 the lower vessel is exchanged.
*The upper vessel is corroded by FeO attack when the oxygen top lance is
 employed from the vessel top to melt the scull.

The corporation occasionally recommends a modified brick structure for the joint portion between the upper and lower vessels, where the brick lining, being damaged when the lower vessel is exchanged, often fails.
Direct-bonded magnesia-chrome bricks are the most popular lining refractories. Based on our accumulated experience, Krosaki Harima Corporation proposes the optimal materials and lining design, receiviing positive comments from many clients.

Shortening repair time through careful preassembly inspection

The corporation supplies the upper vessel bricks after carefully inspecting and precisely machining the bricks through preassembly around the exhaust gas hole and the alloy charging hole, where the brick configuration is so complicated that relining of the upper vessel takes a rather long time.

Image of RH degasser upper vessel

Image of RH degasser upper vessel

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