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Steel ladle refractories

A steel ladle is a container for transferring molten steel tapped from the converter or the electric arc furnaces up to the casting shop, reserving the steel during casting and occasionally during secondary refining of the steel.

Lining design to meet severe operational conditions

Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies all sorts of steel ladle refractories to domestic and also overseas clients obtaining their positive feedback. Experienced engineers of the corporation respond immediately to any questions or requests. To fulfill various requirements, many sorts of refractory materials are ready and the optimal steel ladle lining is offered taking account of energy saving and designed in compliance with the client's operational conditions.

Monolithic lining

For the steel ladles in domestic integrated steel works, all linings have been quickly changed from brick lining to monolithic lining including walls and bottom but excepting the slag line zone since 1975 when Krosaki Harima Corporation commenced development of castable refractories for steel ladles.

Brick linings

On the other hand, for the steel ladles in electric arc furnace shops, conventional brick linings are still employed due to very severe operational conditions under the prevailing LF process.

Proposing structures effective for deformation/fall down

The corporation has been not only studying lining materials but also doing structural analysis on steel ladles. For example, to overcome the brick failure caused by deformed crown flanges the corporation may propose the effective structure of Lip Ring Construction as the alternative structure.

Midterm repair, Injection plugs

In addition to the lining materials described above, Krosaki Harima Corporation supplies repair materials and machines and gas injection plugs which are indispensable for the secondary refining process.
All through its technological accomplishment as exemplified above, Krosaki Harima Corporation has been working hard to raise our client's productivity and lower specific consumption of steel ladle refractories.

Inside view of hot steel ladle in operation

Inside view of hot steel ladle in operation

Steel ladle after lining installation

Steel ladle after lining installation

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