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Steel ladle brick linings

Krosaki Harima Corporation has been developing highly durable bricks for steel ladle linings exposed to severe operational conditions like the LF (Ladle Furnace) refining process. The corporation supplies these excellent bricks to many clients together with a wide-ranging engineering service.

Bricks mainly used for LF ladle linings

*MgO-C bricks for the slag line
*Al2O3-MgO-C bricks for the wall and bottom

Containing electro-fused magnesia of high purity, the corporation’s MgO-C bricks show excellent corrosion resistance. Furthermore, special additives have been studied for the lining bricks to improve their durability.
On the Al2O3-MgO-C brick series, both corrosion resistance and thermal spalling resistance are remarkably improved due to the recent developments which have received favorable comments from many clients. The abnormal brick erosion (called "boundary reaction"), which is observed at the interface between the slag line and the wall at certain clients’ sites, has been overcome by applying special materials.
The corporation pursues a comprehensive technology for the optimal design, installation, bricks and repair of steel ladles in compliance with our clients' operations.

Image of steel ladle brick linings

Image of steel ladle brick linings

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