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Continuous casting refractories
(Steel flow control refractories)

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Continuous casting technology, having progressed rapidly since the 1970s, synonymous with highly productive steel making. Along with the remarkable developments in the technology have come more severe operational conditions and also the demand for sufficiently reliable safety to refractory materials.

The “Flow Control Technical Center,” which collects technological information and know-how, was established in April 2004

For years under that severe environment, Krosaki Harima Corporation has been accumulating the technology for continuous casting refractories that is second-to-none, and in February 2004 established the "Flow Control Technical Center" for the purpose of quickly responding to our clients' requirements. From the Center the service information, which includes various preserved continuous casting technologies concerning refractories, equipment and peripherals, is dispatched globally through our network.
The corporation willingly strives to propose all possible solutions and technologies to help our clients realize their maximum productivity.

Major businesses

1 Flow control of molten steel
2 Engineering
3 Slide gate refractories
4 Alumina graphite refractories

Continuous casting refractory glowing red in use

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