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Flow control of molten steel
(Ladle & tundish slide gate system)

Slide gate system "SN" creatively combined with the refractory technology!!

Krosaki Harima Corporation is proud of its slide gate, "SN", for the molten steel flow control system, which is known globally and occupies the largest market share in the nation. Since 1970, when the first slide gate of the corporation commenced hot operation, 4500 slide gates in total have been successfully supplied to numerous domestic and overseas clients in a harmonious combination between two technologies of machinery and refractory.

"Be simpler", "Be considerate to operators" and "Be considerate to refractories"

Under the concepts of "be simpler", "be considerate to operators", and "be considerate to refractories", the slide gate system of the corporation has steadily progressed. Our latest model, the AL series system, with its unique refractories design, is really appealing for any client of Krosaki Harima slide gates. Together with the conventional YPN and FF series, the AL series is currently becoming very popular among many of our most experienced clients.

Submerged nozzle changer (UQC mechanical system)

How to exchange the submerged entry nozzle in your casting operation is generally one of the most serious issues in continuous casting. To overcome the issue the corporation has specially developed the UQC mechanical system, which is compatible with both slide gates and conventional stopper rods. The UQC system is completed with a molten steel sealing technology and a reliable connection technology which have been attained over many years of extensive experience in slide gate engineering.

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