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Industrial Furnaces

Krosaki Harima constantly strives to develop new knowhow contributing to all thermal industries related to industrial furnaces


Our unsurpassed thermal technology, comprehensive engineering in industrial furnaces, and abundant experience and know-how in that field, having been accumulated over many years, are combined effectively in order to fulfill the diverse requirements of thermal industries.

Comprehensive service provision

The corporation’s furnace engineers are working hard to serve each client all through the course from basic planning, to detailed design, up to construction work, test operation and final delivery. Not only new furnace construction, but also modification of an existing furnace, will be satisfactorily implemented with the newest technology appreciated by our many clients around the globe.

Industrial furnaces offered

Walking beam furnace
Walking hearth furnace
Pusher furnace
Rotary hearth furnace
Double Walking beam furnace
Roller hearth furnace
Batch type reheating furnace
Tunnel kiln
Other industrial furnaces

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