Environment Declaration


The destruction of the environment continues on a global scale today, and we, as a corporate citizen trusted by society, are determined to actively work to preserve and protect the global environment in order to pass this beautiful earth on to our descendants.

June 01.2001
Krosaki Harima Corporation

Environment Declaration

Under the Environment Declaration, we lay down Environmental Polices as follows


  1. In the course of our comprehensive solution business of refractories and ceramics, we will aggressively tackle the reduction of environmental loads including prevention of global warming, resource saving, recycling, reduction of waste, and prevention of contamination in all stages of research and development, design, material procurement, manufacturing, services, and the use and disposal of products by customers.
  2. We will clarify our responsibility for promoting environmental protection and preservation and develop our environmental management organization so that all employees endeavor to continuously reduce environmental loads and prevent pollution. For all our activities, we will set environmental purposes and targets, implement and promote them, and review them periodically.
  3. We will observe environmental laws/regulations and agreements with stakeholders.
  4. We will aim at coexistence between the global environment and human society and contribute to the creation of a better environment.

April 01, 2014
Junich Sakane
Managing Corporate Officer, Krosaki Harima Corporation


1993 Establishment of “Global environment preservation committee”
June 2001 Environment Declaration by top management
July 2002 Certified under ISO14001 (Yahata area)
July 2004 Kyushu Refractories Co., Ltd. joined in the sites to be included in the certification.
July 2005 Krosaki Harima was updated to ISO 14001 (2004 version)
November 2008 Maked an environmental report

Environment report

February 01,2010 Report on Contribution to Environment/Society 2009
December 25,2008 Environment report 2008