Disclosure Policy


Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Krosaki Harima Corporation shall disclose information in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Law and the timely disclosure rules set forth by the stock exchanges where the corporation is listed. Information not subject to disclosure shall also be disclosed to deepen understanding about the corporation among the shareholders and investors.

Information Disclosing Method

Information subject to the timely disclosure rules set forth by Tokyo Stock Exchange shall be disclosed in accordance with the rules using the timely disclosure information system (TDnet) provided by the exchange. In addition, the information shall be announced to the news media and posted on the corporation’s website.

Information Disclosure System

In order to ensure the timely and proper disclosure of information, the disclosure committee shall check the nature of the information and then the person responsible for information control (general administration & personnel department generel manager) shall make a judgment on the necessity of disclosure in accordance with the timely disclosure rules and related laws and ordinances as well as in consideration of voluntary disclosure. Information transmission and inquiries will be handled by the general-affairs group.

Disclosure Related to Predication of Business Performance

Information related to future prospects may be included in the data announced by the corporation. Information available at the time of announcement is used, but it should be noted that due to various factors, the results may turn out different from these prospects.

Quiet Period

To prevent leaks of settlement information, the corporation adopts a quiet period from the day following the settlement date of each quarter to the day of announcing the relevant settlement. Please note that during this period, we don’t comment or answer inquiries about business performance. If, however, it is predicted during the quiet period that the performance prediction values already announced seem likely to be well off the mark, the information disclosure shall be made properly.