President Message


Taking on New Challenges
to Achieve Sustainable Growth

For 100 years, the Krosaki Harima Group has supported Japanese manufacturing, the cornerstone of Japanese society, through the manufacture and sale of refractories to material industries such as the iron-and-steel industry. Furthermore, we have explored new possibilities by leveraging our ceramic- and heat-related technologies, such as our design and construction of high performance, energy-saving industrial furnaces and our development and manufacturing of fine ceramics, which are essential in cutting edge fields such as the semiconductor and electrical component industries.
Both inside Japan and internationally, we are seeing the appearance of new issues that affect social life, and these problems are growing more and more severe. Inside Japan, we are moving towards a super aged society, and there are labor shortages and many other factors that will destabilize social and industrial infrastructures. Innovation in the IT and digital domains is progressing at a startling pace. Realizing sustainable societies in our unpredictable and unstable modern era requires the ability to accurately meet the needs of the times, such as the promotion of diversity and the implementation of energy and environmental measures, as typified by SDGs.
Recognizing this, the Krosaki Harima Group will work to achieve sustainable growth through its mission to "Provide No. 1 Value to Customers Worldwide." To achieve this, it will reinforce the development of its human resources, a company's most vital assets, refine its technologies, and globalize its business.
The iron-and-steel industry, the key customers of our refractory business, is growing around the world. We expect demand for the refractories used in iron-and-steel production to continue to grow. As iron-and-steel products become more highly functional, the performance requirements for refractories are also becoming more advanced, widening the field in which we can leverage our technical superiority. We will continue to use the technologies we have cultivated in Japan to actively engage in business on a global scale. In the furnace business segment, we will steadily seize demand for the replacement of equipment such as coke ovens in the iron-and-steel industry, and through our design and construction of industrial furnaces, incinerators, and other equipment, we will support customers with energy-saving and environmental measures and contribute to society.
In the ceramics business segment, backed by advances in cutting-edge technologies like the IoT and AI, we predict a major increase in demand for our core products for semiconductors and ceramic condensers. We will take bold action to support the future of technological innovation.

On June 1, 2019, we celebrated our 100th anniversary. Over the century to come we will continue to grow and use all of the strengths of the Krosaki Harima Group to take on new challenges as we aim to become one of the world's finest comprehensive refractory manufacturers and contribute to all of our stakeholders.
We look forward to your ongoing understanding and support.

June 2019
Kazuhiro Egawa