Carbon Neutral Initiatives

Insulation material used for Ene-Farm components

Our insulation material is used for Ene-Farm components

What is Ene-Farm?

Ene-Farm extracts hydrogen from gas and reacts this hydrogen with oxygen in the air to generate electricity, using the opposite principle to “when water is electrolyzed, it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen.”
Power generation with Ene-Farm is done at home and as such, there is no transmission loss, waste heat is not wasted, and the system makes full use of the energy by using the heat created by power generation to heat the home's water supply.
With this system, it is possible to use 70 to 80% of the fuel's energy. In addition, because hydrogen is used to generate power, the system also has the advantage of not generating carbon dioxide (CO2).

Ene-Farm CO2 emission reduction results

By using Ene-Farm, annual CO2 emissions are reduced by roughly 1 ton per household, equivalent to the amount of CO2 that can be absorbed by 80 cedar trees per year.